Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas season can begin...

We now have our Christmas tree! All Christmas festivities can now commence...let the merriment abound!

I wanted to make Ada's first tree-picking-out experience to be really fun and spirited, so I found Santa's Woods in Blair, Nebraska. It was only about a 20 minute drive from Dundee and I found the drive to be quite holiday-like, considering every tree is now dusted with just the perfect amount of snow to be picturesque. Upon entering Santa's Woods, we drove down a snow-covered driveway with Frasier Firs and reindeer right within view. We parked in the lot and made our way into the vintage barn. We were greeted by free hot chocolate and cider, haystacks to lounge on and a crackling fire keeping us all toasty. Upstairs were Christmas-y crafts and snacks for sale. We decided to keep warm by the fire until the hayrack ride came to pick us up and take us to pick out our tree.

It was so cute watching Ada Louise on the hayrack ride. First of all, it was super bumpy...Ada loves bouncing, so she really enjoyed the substantial jostling. She seemed very confused as to why we were sitting on hay, in the cold, watching the outside go by through a vinyl window. I guess I would be confused if I were almost 1 year old, too.

Upon our exit from the hayrack ride, we were greeted by none other than the big man in red, himself....Santa Claus! Ada Louise wasn't scared...rather, she stared intently at Mr. Claus with a look that could only be described as a mix of disgust and disdain. Really, she thought, you drove me out here in the freezing cold to see this guy? You expect me to be excited to see this man? You've got another thing coming, people....he is so passe. Just look at how excited Ada Louise is to see Santa! Ha ha ha...or rather, Ho Ho Ho!

Alas, it was time to pick out the tree. There were a wide variety of pre-cut trees, but you can also go out and pick your own tree to cut down. Ada wasn't wearing snowpants and we realized we forgot her carrier 15 minutes into the trip, so we went the pre-cut route to rule out being stuck in the middle of a forest of Christmas trees with an 11-month old with a poopy diaper, screaming her head off while simultaneously wanting to be held and put down on the ground. We found our tree, hopped back on the hayrack and were ready to head back home. We are decorating the tree tonight while Ada Louise is sleeping, so it will be an amazing surprise for her to see tomorrow when she wakes up on her 1ST BIRTHDAY! I can't wait to see the look on her face!

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