Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rough night AND new Etsy stuff

Ugh. Last night was ROUGH. Ada Louise woke up at about 8.30 throwing up. She threw up about three more times after that. It was all over her crib, her hair, her blankets and stuffed animals...and me. Poor little Ada Lou. I think she might have overdone it on the new whole milk eating. She LOVES whole milk. She is feeling better today, albeit a bit cranky from lack of sleep.

In other news, NEW newborn headbands will be going up on the Etsy store tomorrow. I know a few of you were waiting on newborn stuff, so don't worry...I didn't forget about you. My shipment of headbands took about a month to get to me for some unknown reason. Let me know what you think! More rosettes or less rosettes? Brighter colors or pastels? Do you like the mix of colors? What would you like to see?

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