Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas and Cupcakes!

Oh, I have been so neglectful of writing these past few weeks! I will blame it on too much to do over the holidays and back-to-back flu and bronchitis. Now that I am seeing the light at the end of the sickness tunnel, I will be much more present.

The holidays are upon us! I can't believe Christmas is Sunday. I am, thankfully, pretty prepared. All gifts are wrapped, except for one. The hubby is off tomorrow to help with grocery shopping and cleaning before my family arrives on Friday. Christmas cookies are made....and many have been eaten. Festive decorations are bedecking all areas of the house. Because I have been sick, I haven't been taking many pictures...but, I will make up for it this weekend and the coming 2 weeks, for sure! With Christmas, New Year's Eve and Ada Louise's birthday party just around the is going to snapshot madness around here.

As promised, here are some shots of Ada Louise's actual first birthday...and first cupcake! Thank you, again, to Hooton Images and Bliss Bakery!

Oh, just look at those yummy cupcakes! Ada Louise had a gingerbread cupcake, I had pink champagne, and Derek had vanilla...that is so Derek to just have was really tasty, though.

Ada Louise was a cupcake pro!

Such a fun day!

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  1. Ada Lou is SO lovely :)

    I wanna really thank you for adding me in your "blogs I love" list.. It made my day! I wish you have a joyful Christmas and vacation time!