Friday, September 30, 2011

Missing Chicago

While I am thoroughly enjoying many aspects of living in Omaha, the longing for my Chicago life keeps creeping into my thoughts. This was especially true last night when I was at a blogger meetup at Caffeine Dreams, an amazing coffee shop just one block from our house. The meetup was great and I met some amazing people. I thought, "Fantastic! People who think like me!"....but then, suddenly, at the end of the meetup Alkaline Trio started playing over the speakers. Now, for those of you who don't know Alkaline Trio...shame on, but really, they are a Chicago punk band who has brought me many years of blissful memories. For me, they are that band that brings me back to college...back to a carefree, drunken time with no responsibilities. As the blogger meetup wrapped up, I decided to grab a hot chocolate to go. As I stood at the counter, "F*** You, Aurora" started to play. I started to make small talk with the baristo (is that what you call male coffee house workers?) who looked strikingly similar to Matt Skiba about Chicago and Alkaline Trio and how we had just moved. Really, I could have fallen to the floor crying and wallowing in my "missing Chicago" misery, as I listened to the song that reminded me of my first road trip to Chicago with my future husband to celebrate our first New Year's Eve together and sitting in Lake Shore Drive traffic. I know this change of scenery is for the best...but I will continue to miss the city that has brought me most of the happiest memories in my life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Losing My Mind

Teething is a giant pain in the arse. Seriously, I feel like Ada Louise has been teething since she has been 3 months old. She is teething, for realz, right now and it is a struggle. She whines most of the day and is alternately completely clingy and entirely independent. I don't know what she wants or needs from one minute to the next. She wakes up screaming in the middle of the night...and every hour after that. She refuses to take naps and throws all her toys in her crib halfway across her room. For a few days, she had poopy diaper explosions at least 5 times a day...and by poopy explosion, I mean poopy atomic bombs. Poop everywhere, covering everything in her crib. Nice. Have you seen the "Parks and Recreation" episode where Rob Lowe has the flu and looks at himself in the mirror and says "Stop pooping"?....I felt this way for Ada Louise. Ridiculously funny when Rob Lowe says it...not so much when Ada is doing it. Derek and I have tried everything...Tylenol, Triaminic, Advil, homeopathic teething gel, every teething apparatus that can be frozen...none of it worked. So, it is suffice to say that I was a bit skeptical when some Omaha mommies recommended Baltic Amber beaded necklaces to soothe teething pain. I immediately drove to Baby Junk to purchase not only the necklace, but the anklet, as well. This random jewelry seems to be easing Ada Louise's tooth pain so much so, that right after I put it on her she took an hour and a half nap in the car. That is unheard of in this house at this point. Thank you, you little miracle beads.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Music!

I have been in a music rut for quite a long time. Seriously, I could sing EVERY song from EVERY Rilo Kiley album in my sleep. I used to be on the pulse of what was happening in my niche of music. I used to go to so many shows and research so many new bands that were up and coming. I used to scour the record store for something new that might pique my interest. Time went on and I got busy and distracted...I discovered bands that I loved about a year too late...I'm talking about you Best Coast...I missed every show that I would have loved to see, including a Jenny & Johnny show (oh, the shame). But, I am now assured that I am getting back into the swing of things. Not only have I bought tickets to 2 concerts in the next month and a half, but I have also discovered some bands that I really like. Here are some bands old and new that are now gracing my iPod playlists: The Living Sisters, "Love to Live"- Ada Louise and I listen to this every morning during breakfast....and I sing my lungs out while Ada stares at me wondering why she has the worlds weirdest mom. The Mynabirds, "What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood"- Great Saddle Creek band. The Head and the Heart, self-titled- This could be totally dated, but I really like them. Mates of State, "Mountaintops" - Discovered them in college and still love them now. The new album is so fun! Love "Palomino" and "Maracas. "

A trip to the Joslyn

On Tuesday, I was absolutely thrilled to have an opportunity to take Ada Louise to the Joslyn Art Museum for a story adventure session in the galleries. I absolutely love the Joslyn. It is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous building and the shows that come through are first rate! The Joslyn has a different story adventure once a month and it is free! I think it is a great way to get Ada Louise acclimated with museum appreciation. I have always loved going to art museums...even before I studied fine art as an undergrad and art ed for my Master's. I hope that Ada Louise and I can share a passion for art and enjoy traveling the world going to different art museums and galleries. After our story adventure, Ada Louise and I had fun exploring the grounds of the museum and having an impromptu photo shoot.

So sick of saying, "I'm SO tired!"

So, as many of you know, I have Hypothyroidism...which means my thyroid gland is underactive and makes my metabolism slow. It causes me to sometimes be really out of it, completely fatigued, have painfully dry skin, weak hair, and be unable to concentrate. My regular doctor had always taken care of my thyroid issues and I felt great all through my pregnancy with the different doses of Synthroid I was on, but since Ada Louise was born I have been having a hard time controlling my thyroid. Finally, when we moved here, I decided it was time to see an endocrinologist and get things worked out by someone who specializes in the thyroid. I did a ton of research and found Dr. Passer's office. Everyone there is so fantastic and willing to try anything and everything until you are feeling better. After about 8 vials of blood drawn and just about every test that could be run on them, they found out that the medicine that I had been on for the last almost 7 years was ineffective for my thyroid. Basically, my medicine was useless because it was treating a part of my thyroid that was actually functioning and not treating the part that wasn't. So, I have been feeling dead tired FOREVER for absolutely no reason. I will now be on Cytomel 3 times a day. It sounds like a lot, but I am just willing to try anything that will make me feel human. This medicine will also (hopefully) aide in finally losing the last 15 or so pounds of my pregnancy weight because it will boost my non-existent metabolism. Hooray!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swimming lessons

One of the first things I wanted to do when we moved to Omaha was to sign Ada Louise up for swimming lessons. In Chicago, it is a pain in the butt to get this task accomplished. Everything fills up really in hours. So, I was hoping it was a bit easier in Omaha. I was definitely right...seeing as 4 days before the class started there were only 3 people signed up. Hooray for Omaha, again! I signed Ada Louise up for lessons at the Maple Street YMCA for Saturday mornings. I was a bit worried for my husband because I knew it would conflict with Iowa football games, but he took it like a champ and was really excited to have an activity that he could do with Ada. Derek took her in on the first day so that I could take some pictures...I've been SO looking forward to snapping some shots of her first swimming lesson in a frilly little bikini. She absolutely loved it...which isn't really a surprise because she loved being in and playing in water. The second week, Derek and I both took her in. It was so cute to see her splashing, chewing on toys, and just generally relaxing in the pool.

I'm back!

Hi everyone, It has been a long, long wait...but, we finally have Internet access. Thank the heavens! I have SO much to catch everybody up, I will probably have a bunch of blog posts today.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Farmer's Market

Even though Ada Louise had a nasty little cold, we decided we should get out and enjoy the fantastic weather at the Farmer's Market at Aksarben Village. Yes, Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards, for those of you non-Nebraskans. I found that little tidbit ridiculously funny when we first became aware of the area. The market is a little treasure! Lots of families, local produce, a band who sings in a language I cannot recognize for the life of me (but I have a sneaking suspicion it might be Portuguese). We picked up some homemade dog treats for Phillip and Olivia, with the perk being that the proceeds benefit homeless animals in Omaha. Ada Louise also got her own little pumpkin which she absolutely adored. After shopping the market, we headed over to the playground for some swing time.

I love that the markets in Omaha are so accessible. In Chicago, you had to find parking and fight through throngs of people to get your produce. This is just way more relaxed and family friendly. Even though we have only been here a week, I feel a great weight lifted off of me. Omaha is so laid back. The people are friendly and it isn't a pain in the butt to get from point A to point B. I love hearing cicadas and just the quiet at night. I love walking through the quaint little neighborhoods with front and backyards. I love that everyone says hello to you as you pass them on walks. I have high hopes for our new life here. I can't wait to meet some new friends and have dinner parties at our new house. I can't wait to decorate our house and really make it our own. I am just excited for what lies ahead for us in this great city!

Monday, September 5, 2011

nine, nueve, neuf

9 months, that is. Happy 9th month, sweet Ada Louise! I can't believe how much you have grown and all the things you can do now. Hopefully, a tooth will come by month 10!

First Trip Away

In the midst of all the moving/packing/city hopping, we had the great pleasure of attending our dear friends' wedding in Oregon wine country. I was very sad to leave Ada Louise for so long, was only Friday through Monday, but I was sad nonetheless. In the end, Ada Louise had a blast with my parents in it up lakeside in the relaxing calm of the woods. Derek and I also had a very much needed trip together for the first time since Ada Louise had been born.

Is anyone else a huge fan of Portlandia? It is my favorite show of all time, so I was super excited to stay a night in Portland before we ventured out to wine country. We started our trip with a little Portland brewery tour with some of our close friends who were staying in town for the night, as well. I love beer, so it was a treat for me. Our favorite brewery, by far, was Rogue Brewery. Highly recommend this one for some stellar ales!

The next day we were off to McMinnville, Oregon. All 42 guests at the wedding stayed at the Hotel Oregon in this quaint little town in the heart of wine country. The hotel was so eclectic and bizarre in the best way possible. Every room was named after different people, places or things associated with the hotel or the little town in some way. We stayed in the UFO had little UFOs painted around the room. How funny. It was a very cute place to stay, with all the idiosynchrasies of a sideshow carnival....seriously, I would call the artwork carnival-esque.

All of Saturday was devoted to wine tasting for the entirety of the guests attending the wedding. We all drove out to the wineries in a big yellow school bus. It was fantastic. The wines were amazing! Definitely check out the wines from Elk Cove, Beau Frere, WillaKenzie and Erath.

The big event itself, Crystal and Troy's wedding, was on Sunday evening at Elk Cove Winery. It was such an amazing and intimate event. Crystal looked like a bombshell. Every detail was attended to. The food was amazing. The wine went down like juice. We all danced the night away. Cheers to the happy couple! Come visit us in Omaha soon!

Wisconsin Highlites

So, after 2 weeks without my computer, I am back in action! We have made it to Omaha, though, our furniture is not with us yet. Hopefully, it will be here by Thursday. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our time in Wisconsin with my parents. Oh, and if you are ever in Delafield, Wisconsin with your little one and are looking for something fun to do, check out The Play Gallery. It is a great space for kids to run around, do art projects, and just generally roam free, without mom or dad having to pick up any messes. It is wonderful for little ones under age 1, too, as they have an area designated for wigglers and crawlers. Ada Louise loved playing in that space and I loved that she could crawl around and do what she pleased without a "no, no" in sight!