Monday, September 5, 2011

First Trip Away

In the midst of all the moving/packing/city hopping, we had the great pleasure of attending our dear friends' wedding in Oregon wine country. I was very sad to leave Ada Louise for so long, was only Friday through Monday, but I was sad nonetheless. In the end, Ada Louise had a blast with my parents in it up lakeside in the relaxing calm of the woods. Derek and I also had a very much needed trip together for the first time since Ada Louise had been born.

Is anyone else a huge fan of Portlandia? It is my favorite show of all time, so I was super excited to stay a night in Portland before we ventured out to wine country. We started our trip with a little Portland brewery tour with some of our close friends who were staying in town for the night, as well. I love beer, so it was a treat for me. Our favorite brewery, by far, was Rogue Brewery. Highly recommend this one for some stellar ales!

The next day we were off to McMinnville, Oregon. All 42 guests at the wedding stayed at the Hotel Oregon in this quaint little town in the heart of wine country. The hotel was so eclectic and bizarre in the best way possible. Every room was named after different people, places or things associated with the hotel or the little town in some way. We stayed in the UFO had little UFOs painted around the room. How funny. It was a very cute place to stay, with all the idiosynchrasies of a sideshow carnival....seriously, I would call the artwork carnival-esque.

All of Saturday was devoted to wine tasting for the entirety of the guests attending the wedding. We all drove out to the wineries in a big yellow school bus. It was fantastic. The wines were amazing! Definitely check out the wines from Elk Cove, Beau Frere, WillaKenzie and Erath.

The big event itself, Crystal and Troy's wedding, was on Sunday evening at Elk Cove Winery. It was such an amazing and intimate event. Crystal looked like a bombshell. Every detail was attended to. The food was amazing. The wine went down like juice. We all danced the night away. Cheers to the happy couple! Come visit us in Omaha soon!

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