Friday, September 30, 2011

Missing Chicago

While I am thoroughly enjoying many aspects of living in Omaha, the longing for my Chicago life keeps creeping into my thoughts. This was especially true last night when I was at a blogger meetup at Caffeine Dreams, an amazing coffee shop just one block from our house. The meetup was great and I met some amazing people. I thought, "Fantastic! People who think like me!"....but then, suddenly, at the end of the meetup Alkaline Trio started playing over the speakers. Now, for those of you who don't know Alkaline Trio...shame on, but really, they are a Chicago punk band who has brought me many years of blissful memories. For me, they are that band that brings me back to college...back to a carefree, drunken time with no responsibilities. As the blogger meetup wrapped up, I decided to grab a hot chocolate to go. As I stood at the counter, "F*** You, Aurora" started to play. I started to make small talk with the baristo (is that what you call male coffee house workers?) who looked strikingly similar to Matt Skiba about Chicago and Alkaline Trio and how we had just moved. Really, I could have fallen to the floor crying and wallowing in my "missing Chicago" misery, as I listened to the song that reminded me of my first road trip to Chicago with my future husband to celebrate our first New Year's Eve together and sitting in Lake Shore Drive traffic. I know this change of scenery is for the best...but I will continue to miss the city that has brought me most of the happiest memories in my life.


  1. Louisiana is super lame compared to Chicago (I mean, you have TWO IKEAS, and like right by each other), but I get you 100%! It takes time, but as you slowly meet people and get to learn what you love and hate about Omaha, it will hopefully get better.
    FYI: We rarely eat out b/c the food is not nearly as good here as it is in Baton Rouge and New Orleans! :) We just can't get over that feeling of extreme disappointment when we leave somewhere we were told was fabulous and it's not.

  2. Oh my goodness! I just got teary reading this -- it reminded me of our road trip from IC to Chicago to go see Taking Back Sunday and we listened to them on repeat the whole way there!! It will get better...Miss you & love you!

  3. Some of my best memories are related to Chicago.. My boyfriend studied at UIC and I moved to him to' finish my thesis (we are italiana:) ... We realized that we wanted to spend our life together just playing around the beautiful places in the city.. Italy is where we fall in love but Chicago is where we knew we would live together and get married someday. we both live in Italy and we are doing our best to' find a way to move to the states.. But -you know- you need a Green card and not many jobs can offer help with immigration stuff.. It's hard but we dont give up.., Chicago will be' always our dream.. :)

  4. Lara,
    I definitely don't feel so bad about missing Chicago now that you say that you also miss it...and you live in Italy!! A place so many people would pick up and move to with not even a thought! Sometimes, no matter where you go, no matter how beautiful or grand the place, you will always miss the place which you deem home in your heart.
    Wow, too sappy. Love your blog! Beautiful pics! What are you in school for now?

  5. I graduated last year ... in LAW ... so hard! Now I'm doing a special 2years master and then I'll do my best to pass the exam to become a judge. That's just a dream because I know that it's a long hard way, but that's what I'm trying to do now, so I'm fully into it!

    Italy is beautiful, of course, I'm in love with my country (and the food!!) but the dream about starting a new life in a brend new world with the man I love far away from home! It makes me feel giddy! :D

    thank you for following my blog...
    Let's keep in touch :)