Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, I try not to be a ranter....especially on my blog, but there are two things this week that have really thrown me over the edge! This post might ruffle a few feathers... 1) Smoking around children- Since I have moved to Nebraska, I have seen one pregnant woman smoking and two moms smoking at the playground. REALLY?!! When I saw the pregnant woman smoking, she was in a Walgreen's parking lot smoking outside of her car, apparently waiting for someone. It took every ounce of my being to stop myself from ripping the cigarette out of her hand and screaming in her face how horrible of a parent she was for doing this to her unborn child. The two smoking moms at the playground were two separate events. The second being two days ago. I was walking up to the swings when I saw a woman pushing her baby in the swing....and she was smoking. I was so angry. How dare she defile this sacred place for children! Ada Louise and I went to play on the slides, instead. The mom did come up to us after she was done smoking and pushing her child in the swing, to make small talk. The damage was already done. I was polite, but inside I was outraged. How could she think this was okay? Where did she put that cigarette butt? There have been a few times I have gone to this particular park and have seen cigarette butts in the sand in direct reach of Ada Louise. I quickly picked them up and threw them away...but really, who would throw them in the sand at a children's playground....and who would smoke at a playground?! 2) People taking infants to adult movies- I came upon a complaint by an anonymous woman this weekend on an anonymous family group that she had been kicked out of an anonymous movie theater for breastfeeding. At first, I was infuriated. Why was this woman kicked out of the movie theater? This seemed highly illegal, how could a manager make the woman leave for breastfeeding?....and then I heard more of the story. Her babysitter had cancelled, so she took her 10 DAY OLD BABY to the movie, Immortals, because she really wanted to see a movie, again. I have included the link to Rotten Tomatoes so that you can read what the movie is includes a lot of words like brutal, bloodthirsty, murderous, rampaging, and obliterated. Well sister, when you are a parent sometimes you just have to suck it up and say, well, the babysitter cancelled, I guess we will go another time. As I read peoples comments to her on this site, they were outraged about the breastfeeding situation, rightly so, but not one person questioned her for bringing this baby to this movie and many people chimed in that they had also brought their newborns to movies. What?! So, we've all been to movie theaters, right? Movies are LOUD! Sometimes I am uncomfortable with how loud they are, can you imagine how a 10 day old baby would feel? Not to mention all the violent sounds he would be hearing from the movie. I am just so upset about these women subjected their children to these situations. Am I Super Mom? No, but I take every precaution to not harm my daughter in any way, emotionally, psychologically and physically. I am really upset by parents who don't fully take those things into consideration. Again, I am sorry if this ruffles any feathers, but I really had to get that off my chest! I couldn't sleep I was so lit up by these things!


  1. I'm right there with you on the smoking thing. I hate when I see parents smoking in the car with their kids, as if rolling the window down a crack gets all the smoke out. It is so hard to bite my tongue.

  2. Yikes...I can't even think of a comment about smoking around kids that isn't completely obvious...well, I guess it's not obvious to EVERYONE (obviously)... As far as taking your infant to a movie goes, I guess I'm almost as mindblown about that as I am smoking. When Charlie was 10 days old, I was terrified of taking him out of the house, let alone subjecting him to bloodthirsty rampages at 50 bajillion decibels... Jeeze. I don't know; people are ridiculous. Consider my feathers unruffled by this post :)