Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greedy, Greedy

Christmas makes me an incredibly greedy person...really, I am the worst! I make about 5 wishlists with about 75 things on them, like I am a little kid. On Christmas, I try to be really sneaky and make it so I get to open a big pile of presents at the end, when everyone has finished opening presents, and I am the little princess on her throne, opening her treasures. I have just never outgrown Christmas. I have the same "wake up at 3am" verve as I did when I was 5. Christmas cannot be celebrated on Christmas Eve or any other time...it HAS to be Christmas morning...really early...with a good cup of peppermint coffee...and a big Christmas meal just waiting to be eaten after gifts...and holly, jolly Christmas music playing in the background. It is just such a happy time; how could I outgrow it? So, in celebration of my immaturity...here are a few must-haves on my Xmas list! Lotta Highwood clogs in Red...can't you just see these with cute tights and a skirt?
Really cute red dress to go with the clogs
Adorable top to wear with clogs and jeans
Comfy new robe, since my post-Ada Louise robe has seen better days
Cute hair wrap...I am growing my hair out, after all...which means, lots of updo's and ponytails

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