Friday, January 13, 2012

To Eat or Not to Eat

That is the question posing Ada Louise 3-4 times a day...and the answer is usually, not to eat. Ada hates eating. We went through a great streak of her eating normally, but now she refuses 98% of the things we give her...her diet mainly consists of Cheerios, eggs (scrambled or hard-boiled), and frozen peas and carrots.

She used to love to eat the Happy Baby Organics puree packets....she just squeezes all the contents out or throws them on the ground now....I am happy to finish them, especially when she has a mango packet that she is more than willing to hand over. She is more concerned about feeding our poor, starving, skinny dogs (insert photo of 1 almost 20 lb. Pug and 1 19 lb. Dachshund....skinny and starving they are not!), than feeding herself. It is really a stressful and will-breaking struggle. No matter what we do or what we feed her...she will not eat. I should say, she does nibble, and occasionally she will eat half of each thing she is given (woo hoo for the black bean, avocado, cheese quesadilla!), but for the most part her breakfast, lunches and dinners looked pretty much untouched. I was worried about the lack of vitamins in her diet, so I bought a liquid multivitamin to add to her water...that, also, did not go over too well. She took one taste, made a face, and politely declined.

Has anyone else had these issues with their little one? Since moving here in August, she has steadily teethed her way into December and sprouted 6 teeth....should I assume this is teething and that more teeth are on the way? Being a person who loves to cook elaborate and exotic meals...her resistance to normal, non-Cheerio food is so disconcerting!

Here are some pictures of our latest idea...moving her from the high chair to a booster seat...exciting to Ada at first, but SUPER messy for mommy and daddy....time to buy a stick-on placemat and a splash mat!

Here are some gratuitous fat dog pics...just for good measure.


  1. YES! Emory has had a lot of ups and downs with eating. It's very frustrating and really hard not to feel tons of anxiety about it. Things lately have been a lot better, but I'm sure they'll go the other way again.

    What we usually do is offer Emory the same foods from our dinner, and if he won't eat any of it we let him eat whole fruit or something else nutritious that he likes. Sometimes he won't eat either one, though. He has days he eats really well and days he hardly eats at all.

    I've always heard that the most important thing is not to make it into a battle. Easier said than done of course. I also heard an interview on NPR where the lady (can't remember who) said that little kids need to be exposed to a food sometimes dozens of times before they'll eat it.

    Good luck!

  2. I don't have children yet but if you find out what works let me know I will be a mommy some day! But I DO know that your little girl (and puppies!) are super cute! XO

  3. It is getting better! I think the double ear infection and 2 teeth coming in have not helped the past few weeks. We are just trying not to stress out about it...if she eats, she eats...if not, it is ok.
    Thanks, Whitney!