Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sorry that I have not been posting in an efficient manner. My mind is tangled up in what I want for this blog in the new year. I am wrapped up in a million and one ideas I have that would make this venture more satisfying to me. I am seriously considering a new name, a new look, and new features. Since we have gone vegetarian Monday through Friday and pescatarian on the weekends (only if we feel like sushi or someone is making us lunch...I know, so bad), I was thinking of a weekly vegetarian recipe or recap of our veggie meals. Other thoughts: a baby fashion segment, a Friday Finds segment (awesome things I find around the web), Want-y Wednesdays (things I totally want, but don't need), a different cool place in Omaha each week (kid or not kid related) and great vintage finds...I have also thought about a craft/or artistic venture a week.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see?

In other news, we are trying to get out and about more, as a family, on the weekends. We lived for brunch in Chicago and went just about every weekend. There is a lack of brunch places in Omaha....and by lack, I mean like 4 places...insert very, very sad face. The brunch/breakfast spots here are very different from Chicago' that they aren't very modern and the menus aren't laden with organic/sustainable/gourmet items. I really miss that. I miss the creativity that went into cooking brunch/breakfast in Chicago...I miss the artistic/intellectual ambiance that I felt in the different establishments that we would visit. I always felt a-buzz and ready to take on the world after my morning brunches...and it wasn't just the coffee making me feel that way. I am slowly getting used to the different pace of life in Omaha. The non-showiness...the humble attitudes....the friendliness. Okay...enough of my sentimental longing...get to the point, Erin! So, we went to brunch...ha ha. It was a charming little place called Lisa's Radial Cafe. Being newly vegetarian, our options were limited, but I had gone in with a yearning for pancakes, so that is what I indulged in. Ada Louise was well-behaved and a little ham, like usual. She completely turned herself around in her high chair to entertain the other patrons in the room. We were in and out in about 30 minutes or less, which was perfect because that is about how long Ada Louise will last out at a restaurant before complete meltdown status. I am hoping that some new brunch/breakfast places will open up in Omaha in the next few years. Being kind of a foodie...but not one for dinners or staying out that late, I appreciate a really inventive brunch spot.


  1. I'm totally down for vegetarian recipes! We're not Veg or anything, but we loooooove vegetables. I'm constantly looking for good sides to go with lean proteins. Also, have you guys been to Upstream for brunch yet?
    Also, I just watched the Man Vs. Food (or was it Diner's Drive Ins and Dives? I don't know.) episode on Amato's and their pancakes looked like they would make you cry with joy...berries and mascarpone cheese IN the pancakes.........sigh.....

  2. Hi Erin,I've just sent you an email! Please, check it out :)