Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eating Woes

What is the deal with my little baby lady? She used to devour every puree that I made her and now she is picky, picky, picky. I cannot find the right time to feed her. She is either too tired, too fussy, too full....grr. She will take a few bites and then she is over it. I can't tell if she is teething or if she just on a hunger strike. She doesn't like bananas at all, which is a major baby staple. She generally likes veggies much more than fruit.
I thought maybe she didn't like my cooking...ha ha, so I turned to Plum Organics and Ella's Kitchen. Both brands have such great selections of fruit and veggie blends! I only feed Ada Louise organic foods, so it was great to find two brands that are organic and not jarred. I much prefer the pouches to jars. I am still making baby food for my little lady, but it is great to supplement with these fruit and veggie purees when Ada Louise is being especially persnickety, if we are on the go, or if we are traveling. They are great to keep at Grandma's house, since she doesn't have a Vitamix to whip up tasty treats.


  1. Does she eat anything like macaroni and cheese yet? I like to make my own mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta and cheddar, then mix in pureed spinach or sweet potato... My son Charlie has a very sensitive vegetable detector, but on rare occasions I manage to thwart it! Also, we do green smoothies (adding spinach or kale to a fruit smoothie) because Charlie loves fruit, but it sounds like Ada's okay with the Veg. Ugh, who'd have thought eating would be such a cause of emotional distress?

  2. Seriously. Out of everything that could stress me out...eating seems to be number one. Since being at my parents' house on Friday, she has been eating much better. She has been eating an entire pouch of Ella's each sitting. I have found some faves for her, too, peaches and bananas and blueberries and purple carrot. The thing I have found that works is to let her eat straight from the pouch, no spoon. Spoons make her very angry...ha ha.