Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Trip to Fontenelle Forest

After a week of feeling really negative and glum, I decided that Ada Louise and I needed to get out and explore something new. I had been heard rumblings here and there about Acorn Acres at Fontenelle Forest, but everyone I asked said that they hadn't heard of it. I thought I would give it a go, either way, since we had absolutely nothing else exciting to do on such a gorgeous day. Fontenelle Forest is in Bellevue, NE which really isn't that far away...only about a 15 minute drive, though, it really feels that you have left "the city" when you get there. Case in point: I was driving up the road leading to Fontenelle Forest and a little black poodle was just wandering around the street; it wasn't a busy street at all, but I was worried nonetheless. I, of course, pulled into a driveway to see if I could help guide this little guy back home. He ran down a driveway up to the door of a little house with tons of tool sheds and pick up trucks and unkempt landscaping, in which case I followed. I rang the doorbell of the house, just so that I could inform the possible owner that their dog had gotten loose, and saw an elderly man at a table inside. Though I rang the bell, he just looked up at me and went about what he was doing at his table. Weirded out, I hiked back up the driveway and went on my merry way. Sorry, I just had to go off on that Fontenelle Forest! We pulled into the parking lot, paid our admission (only $6 for me, Ada was free) and we started our mini-hike through Fontenelle Forest. They have tons of trails, but we took the boardwalk trail since I had the stroller and we wanted to go to the much anticipated, Acorn Acres. If you bring a stroller, this is really the only trail you can take, the other trails are unpaved and too narrow. It was the perfect length for us, about 1.5 miles. We started our boardwalk tour and were met within about 50 paces with our destination, Acorn Acres. It was everything Ada Louise could have wanted: water (a tiny, man made stream), things to put in her mouth from the ground (leaves, sticks, etc.), other kids to smile at, and just general woodsy-outsideness. Ada Louise loves being outside and I felt a bit sad that the neighborhood walking by our house wasn't the best. The sidewalks are pretty bumpy, lots of traffic, tons of hills. So, she was right in her element at Fontenelle Forest. I really loved it and anticipate going back with the hubby and Ada Louise in the Ergo carrier. It was really a romantic place, as I always feel that anywhere that is quiet except for nature and surrounded by trees is quite enchanting. If you are feeling like you want to propose to your lady or mr., this is the place! Overall, a fantastic day that brought up my spirits and left me feeling optimistic!


  1. She is sooo cute :)

  2. I just moved to Omaha and I'm a teacher too! Well, no job yet, but hopefully soon. Beautiful photos!