Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

My 29th birthday was 2 days ago....and it truly was fantastic! I think it really was one of the best ones I have had in a while. My day started out with my sweet little Ada baby waking up around 6ish. I made some breakfast for her (she is really digging steel cut oats with a puree of spinach, blueberries and apples) and we did a little morning karaoke session...or maybe that was just me. My mother-in-law, SO sweetly, brought over some homemade pumpkin spice and cranberry scones. What a way to start the day! I had to indulge in two almost immediately. A bit later I got to open my birthday presents from the hubby, a gorgeous Anthropologie necklace, and two books that are SO me: Design*Sponge at Home and Modern Vintage Style. I love home these books will give me great inspiration in finishing our rental home now and whatever house we find to buy next year. My dear friend Emily in Chicago knitted me the most gorgeous infinity scarf EVER. I think I squealed when I got it in the mail! That, AND my brother-in-law, Brent, sent me a big ole' bag of October reason for living, really. It is a sumptuous blend of candy corn, M&Ms and sugar coated peanuts. Amazing. I also got 2 bouquets of flowers delivered to me! One from my dad and one from the hubby. I was really spoiled this year...and I loved it. After Ada Louise took a morning nap, we decided to head down to the Old Market to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day. Honestly, it was the quintessential October day. We had a great time and decided to stop into Billy Frogg's Grill & Bar for lunch. I had the foot long chili cheese dog. I finished it...and it was amazing. Ada Louise was near meltdown by the end of lunch, so we trekked back home for a little siesta. A few hours later it was dinner time and my stomach was surprisingly ready. Derek's mom came over to babysit and we hit up a tapas restaurant in Benson called Espana. I had studied abroad in Madrid, Spain during college and absolutely love Spanish food. I hadn't had tapas in a while, so I was ready to dig into some ceviche and bacon wrapped dates. It was a wonderful birthday and I felt very loved. Thanks for such a wonderful day, friends and family! I really did get to experience the "Treat Yo Self" mentality.


  1. This post makes me so happy!!! I'm so glad you had a really good day in Omaha, and I'm glad your birthday was spectacular! Too bad you couldn't find a bottle of "Tommy Fresh" to splash on yourself...then you'd really be treating yo' self! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Bithday!! If just I knew it was your birthday... !!! aaahhhh... I don't forget it next year :)
    I'm happy you had a good day, I really love the clothes you wear in these pics... and Ada is so beautiful!